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The IGDA Game Credits Special Interest Group (SIG) promotes inclusivity and best practices for how credits are attributed, affecting career and awards prospects.

IGDA Game Crediting Policies

Link to full accreditation guidelines: IGDA Game Crediting – Full Policies [last updated 13 March 2023]

Link to One Sheet of guidelines: IGDA Game Crediting Guide One Sheet [last updated  17 March 2023]

IGDA Crediting Toolkit for Unreal & Unity Engine (in collaboration with IGDA Engineering SIG)

IGDA Game Crediting Guidelines Version 10.1 [last updated 13 March 2023]

IGDA Game Crediting Guidelines 10.1 - March 2023

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Here are our published documents in our Google Drive Workpace.

Active Initiatives

  • Creating a one sheet of credits for ease of access [completed 17 March 2023]
  • Adding an index with a full list of terms and their clear explanations used in the policy [Ongoing. Targeted late 2023]
  • Updating the current credits policy to 2023 standards. Add policy around GaaS, and localize it to 15 languages in [Completed. Targeted localization set for V2 in late 2023]
  • Develop free credits tooling and management for devs [Completed 20 March 2023]

Who We Are

Raj Patel (he/him)

SIG Chair (Apointed from April 2023 onward)

Senior Brand Manager at Relic Entertainment

Toronto, Canada

@rajio on Twitter

Find him on LinkedIn


Nazih Fares (he/him)

IGDA Board of Director Member & SIG Vice Chair

Head of Communications & Localization at The 4 Winds Entertainment

The Hague, Netherlands

@nazihfares on Twitter

Find him on LinkedIn




Katie Golden photo

Katie Golden (she/her)

SIG Chair (2020-2023) | SIG Treasurer

Principal Producer at Riot Games

Seattle, WA

@nevebelle on Twitter

Find her on LinkedIn


Tarja Porkka-Kontturi photo


Tarja Porkka-Kontturi 

IGDA Board Member & SIG Board Member

Director of Community Engagement, Global Game Jam


@tarja_pk on Twitter

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Alexander Swords (he/him)

SIG Board Member

Writer, Narrative Designer and Director at Swords Narrative

Melbourne, Australia

@swordsnarrative on Twitter



Trento von Lindenberg (he/him)

SIG Secretary

Independent Producer

Los Angeles, USA

@TrentoWasTaken on Twitter

Find him on LinkedIn

Want To Get Involved?

We’d love to have you! We’re looking for organizers, engineers, and anyone that would like to contribute feedback to the Game Credits Policies to make game accreditation more fair and equitable. Here’s how to reach us:

Getting Counted for the Cause

Show your support by logging into your IGDA member account and selecting this SIG as a primary or secondary affiliation in your profile.  The roster is for HQ and not yet visible to SIG leaders, so be sure to contact them through the form below as well.

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