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IGDA Game Crediting Guidelines 10.1 – March 2023 Update

15 Jul 2023

The IGDA Game Credits Special Interest Group is providing this set of guidelines to assist in the crediting process. As the mission of the IGDA is to advance the careers of game developers, we believe that employers effectively and accurately assigning credits are crucial to that process.

Unfortunately, many members of the industry cannot prove what their last game was due to the absent or largely arbitrary crediting methods used by their employers, be it a publisher, studio, outsourced company or others.

Game credits are inconsistent throughout the industry and from game to game, even within the same company. Employees are often mislabeled, unlabeled, or left off, though they may have spent years of their life to bring a game to market. A 2023 IGDA Game Credits Special Interest Group survey revealed that 51.3% of respondents (299 out of 582) either “never,” “seldom,” or “sometimes” receive official credit for their efforts. Additionally, 83.1% of respondents indicated “unsure” or “no” when asked if their employer/client had a game credits policy.

IGDA Game Crediting Guidelines 10.1 - March 2023
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