IGDA Academic Affiliates

Joining our Academic Affiliate Program helps you prepare your students for success by instantly connecting them with a global community of professional game developers. Student IGDA membership brings additional opportunities like the ability to form student IGDA chapters and access to major industry conferences and mentorship through the IGDA Scholars Program.

IGDA Academic Affiliates also receive the following benefits:

  • Post up to 5 academic job openings per year on the IGDA Career Center job board
  • Present a game development topic in an IGDA webinar
  • Distribute promotional information/swag at select events (GDC, E3, etc.)
  • Annual academic institution highlights in the monthly IGDA Perspectives newsletter
  • Occasional academic institution highlights in the weekly IGDA Insider email
  • IGDA Member benefits for all students, including full Resource Library access and discounts on conferences and game development software

IGDA Academic Affiliate rates:

  • US$30/year for each student in the program

Email us at affiliates [at] igda [dot] org to get started! Is your school an IGDA Affiliate? Contact your  Admissions department to learn how to take advantage of your benefits!

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For inquiries about the IGDA Studio Affiliate Program or IGDA Academic Affiliate Program, contact us on our Contact Us page or email us at affiliates [at] igda [dot] org.

IGDA Academic Affiliates