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Staying informed about the ever-evolving games industry is paramount for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. In this dynamic landscape, podcasts have emerged as a fantastic tool for industry enthusiasts to delve deeper into the latest trends, news, and insights. These audio platforms offer a convenient way to absorb valuable knowledge, gain diverse perspectives, and connect with industry leaders. Whether you’re looking to keep up with emerging technologies, explore game design innovations, or understand the business aspects of gaming, podcasts provide a treasure trove of information at your fingertips.

The IGDA has created its own podcast, Games Industry Side Take (GIST) and episodes are available for free! Additionally, the IGDA has partnered with other content creators to feature and syndicate content here. We hope you’ll enjoy the games industry content you come across at the IGDA!


The IGDA Game Industry Side Take (G.I.S.T.) is a video podcast that brings together thought-leaders from IGDA’s global network of games industry professionals across all disciplines and areas of expertise to discuss pressing topics such as global DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness), emerging issues, best practices, insights into various regional ecosystems, and more.

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The Fourth Curtain Podcast

Hosts Alex Seropian (founder Bungie, Wideload, Industrial Toys) and Aaron Marroquin (Animator/Artist, Game Designer, Playing Card Enthusiast) take you on a tour of the minds that create our favorite video games. We may also wander around in our own heads too.

We aim to inspire, educate and entertain you about the games you love, the people that make them and hey, if you're not a gamer we know you know one, this will help you connect with them too.

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