The IGDA has several communities which it fosters in order to bring the game development industry closer together. These are through our Chapters, SIGs, our Discord server, and mentorship programs.


IGDA chapters represent the IGDA and advance its mission locally through regular events, community outreach, education, and advocacy efforts. Chapters also help connect their members to a global community of IGDA chapters, SIGs, and committees around the world.

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Special Interest Groups

IGDA special interest groups (SIGs) are global communities run by volunteer advocates. Each SIG serves all individuals—from student to professional, indie to AAA—interested in a specific game development topic, issue, resource, or affinity group.

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Our Discord server connects over 3000 game devs worldwide! Join conversations related to your specialty, find jobs, and connect with the industry at large.

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Global Mentorship Program

Designed to support industry professionals around the world, the IGDA Global Mentorship Program provides a way for IGDA members to support each other and to progress their career. The program allows for mentees to get advice from people in their field and mentors to practice mentorship and build relationships.

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