The IGDA provides advisory letters (O-1, H-1, EB-1) for members of the organization and for non-members who are active in the games industry.

We charge $750 per letter, billable to the law firm for non-members and $500 per letter for existing members. This rate is discounted to $500 per letter for non-members and $250 per letter for existing members if a letter draft is provided. Terms: Net 30 after a history of payment has been established.

In order to provide a letter we need a pre-drafted letter in Word (.docx) format with the qualifying criteria spelled out and copies of all supporting information (offer letter, other support letters, links or copies of work product information, school information (as needed), and, news articles and award announcements, etc. )

If there is sufficient information and justification for the application, we will add biographical information about the IGDA and the signatory (currently the Chairman), put it on letterhead, and send you a signed PDF of the result. If insufficient information is provided, we will request additional information. To put in a request, please email visa [at] igda [dot] org.

There will be a $200 rush charge for letters requested with less than a 3 business day turnaround.

Full Advisory Letter

With Pre-Drafted Letter

Non-Member Rate



IGDA Member Rate




How long does it take to receive a consultation letter once you receive our request?
It takes 3-5 business days after a request is made if sufficient information is provided. Please note if you require the letter by a certain date.

Do you require hard copies or will an electronic file suffice?
Only electronic copies will be accepted.

Is there a special cover letter we should include?
No cover letter is required.

Who do we make the check out to?
We bill to the law firm directly, so will need billing address, phone, email.  When a request comes in, you will be provided payment instructions/option.

Our client is a member of IGDA, what do you need?
You can expedite the process by providing their member number.

What if you decide that the person does not qualify for the VISA?
We only charge for letters that we issue.