Every year, nominations for the IGDA Board of Directors are opened up to fill seats left by board members whose terms are expiring or for those whose seats have been vacated. Anyone interested in running for the Board of Directors who meets the requirements to become a board member can nominate themselves.

In 2018, the IGDA Board of Directors adopted a number of important changes to the IGDA Bylaws. An updated copy of the bylaws can be found here (PDF – 219KB); the substantive changes focused on adjusting the number of elected and appointed members of the Board of Directors. The IGDA Board adopted changes to its bylaws that move from a Board composed of 3 appointed and 6 elected members to a Board that has 6 appointed and 3 elected members.

Voting in the 2020 IGDA Board of Directors election for the will begin 4 February 2020 with new board members taking office on 1 April.

Board members whose terms extend beyond April 2020 consist of the following individuals: Cristina Amaya (2022), Zoe Bell (2021), Marta Daglow (2022), Emily Greer (2021), Christopher Hamilton (2021), Hans ten Cate (2021), Bernard Yee (2021). Additionally, Lucien Parsons will serve as Chairman Emeritus until 2021.

2020 IGDA Board of Directors Election Schedule:

  • 10 December 2019: Nomination Period Begins
  • 7 January 2020: Nomination Period Closes; All voting eligible members of record as of this date may vote
  • 14 January – 26 January: Nominating Committee interviews
  • 27 January: Nominating Committee provides recommendations to Board
  • 4 February – 3 March: Election Period; Election materials are emailed to all voting eligible members on record as of 7 January 2019
  • 17 March: New Board Members Announced
  • 1 April: New Term Begins

To vote in the 2020 election, you must be a voting eligible member by the close of nominations on 7 January 2020. All members eligible to vote will receive an email with voting instructions starting 4 February 2020. As of 2019, student members ARE eligible to vote.