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The IGDA Game Credit Special Interest Group (SIG) promotes inclusivity and best practices for how credits are attributed, affecting career and awards prospects.  Fill out the contact form and ask to join the SIG monthly meetings.  We need you!


Creating a one sheet
Updating standards
Credits tooling and management


Monthly meeting (Second Friday at 10:30am Pacific)
Trello Board for matching skills and tasks to community workload
Files on Google Drive


Collecting stories from game developers
If you would like to report missing credits due to malfeasance, misfeasance, or nonfeasance, please report here.  We also want to start categorizing common credit problems and stories, so give us suggested tags or keywords associated with your story.  This collection helps newcomers understand how big the problem really is.

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Getting counted for the cause
Show your support by logging into your IGDA member account and selecting this SIG as a primary or secondary affiliation in your profile.  The roster is for HQ and not yet visible to SIG leaders, so be sure to contact them through the form below as well.  The form will get the fastest response, but Discord is also used.


More ways to contact us
Don’t forget to fill out the Contacts webform on this page.  If you see articles about credits, please share with us so we can add to repository.  For day-to-day activity, please use the Trello link above.  For messaging with the larger member organization, join the IGDA Discord server and then navigate to our channel where we will post calls for action and major announcements.  Please join our Slack channel (IGDA members) for interactions with HQ.  To rate this SIG, take the survey from HQ.


Officer qualifications and operational guidelines
Please download the SIG Handbook.


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