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Welcome to the IGDA Career Center, where we provide employers and job seekers with the tools and resources they need. 



The IGDA is the largest collection of professional game developers in the world and we want to help you find the developers you need for your business to succeed. 


Hiring Resources: 

  • Careers Job Posting: You can post your open roles on the IGDA Careers to reach our audience. These postings reach a wide audience of game developers and are frequently featured on the IGDA’s social media channels. 
  • IGDA Affiliation / Partnership: IGDA Studio Affiliates, IGDA Academic Affiliates, and IGDA Partners are provided with free job postings as well as other perks and benefits to help game developers learn about your company, such as spotlight articles featured in the IGDA Insider, IGDA News, and on our social media. 
  • IGDA Discord: The IGDA Discord features a #job-opportunities and a #looking-for-work channel to assist both companies and developers. Join our Discord for free today! 


Job Seekers 

Our mission is to support and empower game developers in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers. We offer many resources for both finding new opportunities and to improve your skills, knowledge, and applications to ensure you are provided with the best chance to succeed. 


Career Search Resources: 

  • Careers Job Postings: Review the latest opportunities available on IGDA Careers
  • IGDA Discord: The IGDA Discord features a #job-opportunities and a #looking-for-work channel where you can post your availability and review a wealth of opportunities. Join our Discord for free today! 
  • IGDA Chapters and SIGs: IGDA Chapters host job fairs and other networking events where you can meet employers and expand your network. IGDA Special Interest Groups allow you to network with developers of a similar affinity or discipline to you and have their own active communities and events that support networking and job searching. 


Career Advice: 

  • IGDA Global Mentorship Program: The IGDA Global Mentorship Program pairs IGDA members with mentors who will provide business & career advice. Your mentor can provide resume advice, portfolio reviews, networking assistance, and more support during your career search. 
  • IGDA Discord: The IGDA Discord features an #advice channel and Special Interest Group channels where you can ask other industry professionals for advice on your resume, career path, and portfolio. Join our Discord for free today! 
  • IGDA Special Interest Groups: Our IGDA Special Interest Groups allow you to discuss your discipline with other professionals in that field, review resources and recommendations, and attend targeted events and talks. 

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