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Press Kit

For your convenience, we’ve assembled a collection of handy resources and basic info about the IGDA.

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About the IGDA

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is the largest non-profit membership organization in the world serving all individuals who create games.

As an international organization, the IGDA is a U.S.-based 501(c)6 non-profit professional association and a global network of collaborative projects and communities of individuals from all fields of game development – including programmers and producers, designers and artists, as well as writers, business people, QA team members, localization experts, and everyone else who participates in any way in the game development process. We bring together developers at key industry conferences, and in over 150 Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), to improve their lives and their craft.

The mission of the IGDA is to support and empower game developers around the world in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers.

For more info, please visit our About page.

Executive Director

Dr. Jakin Vela
Executive Director

Dr. Jakin Vela is a sociologist and researcher focused on socio-technical cultures, minority stress, stigma, and diversity inclusion in tech (especially games and the games industry). His work highlights the effects of marginalization, group solidarity, and inclusion in virtual gaming spaces and organizational structures, especially among underrepresented groups. He integrates his professional background in law, non-profit leadership, film production, entrepreneurship, and higher education to support the professional and career development of others. Jakin is an avid gamer (mainly PC & Nintendo), an amateur vegan cook and baker, and has been a singer-songwriter for over 15 years. He leads an LGBTQIA+ online gaming community in Final Fantasy XIV with his partner, Jordan.


Developer Satisfaction Survey

In 2014, the IGDA launched its annual Developer Satisfaction Survey (DSS) to gather information on the demographic composition of the game industry, to understand developers’ general quality of life, and to gauge their overall satisfaction with the state of the game industry and where it’s going.

The 2014 survey was launched in partnership with Western University (Ontario, Canada), M2 Research, Georgia Institute of Technology, and TÉLUQ University (Québec, Canada). From 2015 onward, the survey has been conducted primarily by Western University and TÉLUQ University. The IGDA’s Developer Satisfaction Survey is made possible by a generous grant from the IGDA Foundation.

View the archives of the Developer Satisfaction Survey results here.

IGDA Resource Library

The IGDA resource library includes a wealth of information and resources generated by IGDA SIGs and committees in the course of their support and advocacy efforts, from Developer Satisfaction Survey results to industry whitepapers and reports to IGDA webinars on a variety of subjects.

View the full IGDA Resource Library here.