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Contract Walk-through: Effects on Quality of Life [2006]

14 Feb 2006

The IGDA Quality of Life Committee is the sponsor of this third release, designed to help development studios address quality of life issues in their game dev deals.

This release differs from earlier material in that it tends to deal with broader issues that are not necessarily easy to isolate in one or several contract clauses. The articles here frequently deal with strategies and broader approaches that can be applied in the overview when negotiating game development contracts.

Each article in our new release is written by a volunteer lawyer with experience in negotiating these deals.

Each article focuses on quality of life issues from a different perspective – examining different aspects of game deals – in a way that can help a studio understand, negotiate, and live with its deal — and maintain a personal life for staff!

Since the first and second releases of the Contract Walk-Through were published on igda.org, beginning in May 2003, over 4,000 developers have downloaded these materials!

In reading the Contract Walk-Through, it should be remembered that this is presented for general informational and educational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice.

Every situation is unique and developers are always best served by working alongside their own experienced legal counsel.

Read/Download Whitepaper: Contract Walk-Through: Effects on Quality of Life [2006] (PDF)

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