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Open Letter: Quality of Life Issues are Holding Back the Game Industry

Despite the continued success of the games industry, the immaturity of current business and production practices is severely...

Mantle Magazine: Dealing with Pressure in the Land of Game Dev

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Published 02 May 2019

IGDA Codes and Processes Updates

Over the past four months, the IGDA has been listening to our community and looking inwards to review...


Take This, IGDA, and IGDAF Statement on Recent Events

Take This, IGDA, and IGDAF Statement on Recent Events Video Game organizations seek to create safer, more inclusive...

Developer Satisfaction Survey: Summary Report [2021]

Published 18 Oct 2021

It Takes a Village – And We Thank You!

Last week (19-25 April) was Volunteer Appreciation Week and we spent it highlighting only a small number of...

Unionization Information [2020]

Published 29 Apr 2020

SIG Spotlight: Women in Games (WIG SIG)

Today we would like to highlight our largest Special Interest Group, the IGDA Women in Games SIG (WIG...


Skills You Need to Start a Career in the Game Development Industry

Today we welcome this guest blog from Artur Meyster, the Founder of Career Karma Playing video games is...


Letter from the ED – February 2022

  Greetings, IGDA and other members of the game industry, It is my sincerest hope that you and...

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