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MATC Mothership Hosts the First Game Jam & Game Showcase in Years

Wisconsin – MATC

| 17 Oct 2023

Milwaukee Area Technical College’s club named Mothership hosted its first game jam of the year. This game jam was the first Mothership has participated in since its resurrection. The jam was hosted on the 21st of September virtually at 7 pm on the Mothership Discord server. Participants had 48 hours to complete a game revolving around the theme of SPACE! 

The club even hosted a pre-event at 6 pm allowing members to socialize, play games, form teams, show support, and most importantly be introduced to all the members of the club. Members of all levels of expertise participated in the event, and some resources for first-time jammers were provided on the itch.io page. More experienced members were also able to provide assistance allowing this jam to be even more beginner-friendly. After the theme was announced everyone split off into their retrospective groups and worked hard until the due date of September 23, 2023, at 7 pm.

Members submitted their entries via the itchio.io page. There were a total of 3 submissions each with their original take on spacePatient Zero is a browser-based game about a space plague. Space Cow Game has charming pixel art and is about aliens capturing cows. The third game is a 3D game with a unique spin called No Spaces for Karen. To celebrate the achievements of our members, Mothership held a hybrid showcase on September 26th, 2023 at 5 pm at the Milwaukee Area Technical College downtown campus. The event was open to the public and was a major success. The event was also streamed for all who wanted to show their support but couldn’t physically be there. Many people from the CSG and Animation programs came to show their support which was greatly appreciated. Guests had the option to play the games themselves using the computers or simply watch others play them on the projector screen. The entries are still available to play on the submissions page! Please, feel free to go check out the games!

All in all, Mothership’s first game jam was a smashing success, and hopefully one to stay around annually!

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