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Letter from the ED – November 2021

3 Nov 2021

Greetings, IGDA and other members of the game industry,

We hope to see you this week at Pathfindin.gs, our three-day online conference from 10-12 November 2021 that is completely free for you to attend! 

Pathfindin.gs is a celebration of and collaboration with game developers in the Global South. This conference aims to elevate and give a platform to otherwise marginalized voices, breaking down the barriers that currently exist, and making opportunities accessible for everyone. It is meant to explore and educate individuals on the differences and similarities that we have even though we are continents apart.

You can register for a pass here

As we are quickly approaching the end of the year, we invite all IGDA members to share your 2022 accomplishments, celebrations, and thanks! And please let us know if any of our efforts over this last year have been particularly valuable to you so that we may continue to focus on them in 2022. 

Warmest Regards,

Renee Gittins
Executive Director, IGDA

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