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2020 Chapter Awards (Events): Chicago

4 Nov 2020

It’s no secret that the pandemic has made it difficult to host in-person events or ones that draw people in virtually. However, where some may see challenges and obstacles, IGDA Chicago has only seen innovative opportunities.

IGDA Chicago @ GDC

IGDA Chicago has received the award for Providing Meaningful Events from IGDA HQ during its 2020 Annual Meeting, after a series of well-planned and well-executed events to support their community through 2020. Some of their greatest success has come from consistent virtual events like their Discord AMAs with talented industry speakers and online game jams to keep game developers growing and creating during these socially distant times. Veteran members get to share their knowledge and newer developers, who are hungry to learn, get to benefit from working closely with a tight knit community. Whether the events were in person or online, IGDA Chicago prides itself on leading the way to keeping events meaningful in the new normal. As Ross Hersemann, chair of IGDA Chicago, describes it, “IGDA Chicago is treating 2020 like the beta release.”

If IGDA Chicago has been able to provide great programs and support their community in their beta, IGDA and its members have a lot of great things to see from Chicago in the final release!

by Mallory Kessen

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