A new video podcast arrives!

The IGDA Game Industry Side Take (G.I.S.T.) is a video podcast that brings together thought-leaders from IGDA’s global network of games industry professionals across all disciplines and areas of expertise to discuss pressing topics such as global DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness), emerging issues, best practices, insights into various regional ecosystems, and more.

The G.I.S.T. will run monthly beginning in June 2023.

Previous Episodes

Episode 003: Get the G.I.S.T. with Localization in Games – Featuring Julia Gstöttner and Aurélie Perrin

Release Date: Sep 30, 2023 | Podcast Link | Video Link


Join us for a casual conversation about Game Localization and the active community of the IGDA Localization Special Interest Group led by Julia Gstöttner, Aurélie Perrin, and other amazing localization experts.

For more information, stay updated with the Localization SIG at https://igda.org/sigs/localization/.


Episode 002: Get the G.I.S.T. with Andrew Pappas

Release Date: Sep 11, 2023 | Podcast Link | Video Link


Join us for a casual conversation on the G.I.S.T. as we welcome marketing professional, Andrew Pappas. We learn about how Andrew made the move from indie films to indie games and discuss how indie developers can create a solid marketing plan to set themselves up for success.




Episode 001: Get the G.I.S.T. with Chirag Chopra

Release Date: June 9, 2023 | Podcast Link | Video Link

Join us for a casual conversation about how a side project will go on to change the life of a small indie studio in India. From getting into Google Accelerator to having their game showcased at WWDC Keynote, one hurdle at a time.

A Google Games Accelerator alumnus, Chirag runs an all-remote, global indie game studio called Lucid Labs. Chirag believes he has the most crucial duty in the world – bringing joy to a stressed society. Lucid Labs takes pride in being the only Indian game developer (yet) to launch a game on Apple Arcade. The game, ‘Possessions’, being their most ambitious one, has won multiple accolades globally, including two Game of the Year awards. With a focus on crafting premium experiences with light-hearted stories, Lucid Labs stand proudly by its motto – we make games (not) for the masses.