Have you heard of Unreal Engine? Of course you have! In the past couple decades, UE has established itself as a reference for game development, and it is even used in films and for simulations in many industries. There is a lot to unpack, many updates and experimental tools to explore, countless plugins to try out… In this SIG, we set out to dive into these topics, share experiences and learn together.

Whether you are a seasoned UE user, curious about transitioning, a student, programmer, artist, designer, from indie to AAA developer, this SIG is for you! Here are the general discussion points:

  • Best practices – Sharing dos and don’ts, learning from experience and happy accidents, or how can we make this better?
  • UE for visual artists, writers and level designers – Using UE when you don’t know the first thing about programming, without aggravating your programmers!
  • Transitioning to UE – If you’re thinking of porting your game to UE, or just making the next one on UE. Or if you have, what was good about the change and what went wrong?


Matthieu Saumon
Monica Fan
Josh Samuels


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