The IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG is focused on developing initiatives within the three main areas of interest set out by the IGDA:

  • Advocacy: focusing on advocacy or social issues.
  • Discipline: focusing on a particular element of game development.
  • Affinity: helping game developers with similar backgrounds or interests connect with each other.

As we are committed to the promotion and support of individuals within queer communities, the LGBTQ+ SIG is particularly focused on initiatives relating to advocacy. This includes creating links with other SIGs related to other minority groups in efforts to promote collaboration and intersectionality. Our SIG is a safe and inclusive space. We aim to distribute resources and provide a venue for LGBTQ+ games industry professionals to connect with each other. Our overall goals include improving queer representations in games, spotlighting queer people in the games industry, and educating allies on how to better support and include the queer community.

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Max Seavey
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Gregory McGuinness


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