What is an “indie”? At IGDA, we define this any developer that is independently owned, regardless of industry or investor affiliations. If you are a one-person operation, or a studio made up of hundreds, the IGDA Indie Special Interest Group is here to support you.


The IGDA Indie Collective group has assembled some of the brightest and most experienced hearts and minds in the industry to help indie creators with the toughest challenges in today’s global marketplace: from recent operational impacts of COVID-19, to other common topics like studio strategic planning, business development, partnership management, production efficiencies, maximizing creativity under defined constraints, and more.

We are here to help! The form below is the best way to reach the group. We look forward to hearing from you!



Mark Stanley (Chair, Indie Collective / Playful Studios)
Christian Allen (Epic)
Debbie Bestwick (Team 17)
Mark Bozon (Apple)
Chris Charla (Microsoft / ID & Xbox)
Rebecca Cohen-Palacios (Pixelles / Game & Colour)
N'Gai Croal (Hit Detection)
Franco de Cesare (Facebook)
Demetri Detsaridis (Madison Square Garden Company)
Clive Downie (Unity)
David Edery (Spry Fox)
Greg Goodrich (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Scott Hawkins (Nintendo)
Shinji Hirano (Kojima Productions)
Robin Hunicke (UC Santa Cruz / Funomena)
Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
John Koller (Twitch)
Nour Khrais (Maysalward)
Rob Letts (EA Partners & EA Originals)
Bob Loya (Activision)
Jen MacLean (Amazon Web Services)
Markus Maki (Remedy Entertainment)
Andy McNamara (Game Informer)
Macy Mills (Unity)
Susanna Pollack (Games for Change)
Ted Price (Insomniac Games)
Luz Sancho (Tequila Works)
Jesse Schell (Carnegie Mellon / Schell Games)
Chul-min (simon) Sim (Netmarble)
Linn Sovig (Pineleaf Studios)
Shannon Studstill (Stadia Games & Entertainment)
Michael Worosz (Take-Two / Private Division)
Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Interactive Entertainment)


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