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The Human Resources, Special Interest Group (HR SIG) is focused on building an “Inclusive not Exclusive” Global Community.

Our Mission Statement follows:

“We value inclusion and diversity as it makes us stronger, relevant and more successful. As a membership association, the IGDA represents and advocates on behalf of all individuals in the games industry. We fully support equality in the workplace; cordial respectful communications; safe social interactions and an environment that reflects fairness and mutual respect throughout the industry.”

The game industry touches the hearts of millions every day bringing enjoyment and entertainment to the masses, it is this mission and the passion of people involved that drives the evolving landscape of games.

We take the time to look behind the games, the people responsible and the studios to help others understand how to build sustainable / secure work environments through the sharing of knowledge. We learn that both successes and failures can help us continue to grow, improve and build this wonderful industry.

The IGDA HR SIG is committed to providing support and knowledge to every person in the video game industry and empower them on their career path.

Become a part of the IGDA HR Special Interest Group: A chance to voice concerns, create plans for the future whilst getting an insight into and knowledge from the best in the industry, experts in their field, discussions centred around the people, and what employers can do to maintain a healthy environment and successful studio equilibrium.


Noel Krohn


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