Game Economics

What is Game Economics?

This SIG is committed to fostering and encouraging the development of the field of Game Economics. A Game Economist is someone who uses the concepts from economics in order to improve virtual economies from both a player and business perspective. These tools include but are not limited to theoretical framework like supply, demand, and money theory as well as data techniques from econometrics and data science such as Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, and Experimentation. Game Economics is a practice as much as it is a philosophy.


What is the goal of this SIG?

The primary goal of the Game Economics SIG is to provide a robust and active community for new comers and industry veterans alike where they can talk shop, provide insights and advice to one another. We aim also to foster personal and professional relationships to all those interested in the field. We believe that the SIG is only as powerful as its community. This SIG is a place where both knowledge and laughter exchange from one economist to another. Whether you are cursorily interested in the field or you are an industry veteran, we would love to have you in the Game Economist SIG.


How to become a member of this SIG?

We manage all our communication, resources, discussions and events through our official Discord server. Join us and introduce yourself in the channel #introductions!


Dario Gentiletti
Christopher Kaczmarczyk-Smith


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