eSports SIG

The establishment of the International eSports Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to unite enthusiasts, organizations, and stakeholders globally who share a profound interest in competitive gaming. This initiative seeks to foster a collaborative community to support the growth and development of eSports, increasing its visibility and reaching new audiences. The SIG will act as a central hub for exchanging ideas, resources, and best practices, contributing significantly to the evolution of the eSports ecosystem. Through a series of regular events, workshops, and online discussions, our mission focuses on propelling the industry forward, addressing its challenges, and celebrating the unique aspects that render eSports a vibrant global phenomenon.

Members of the International eSports SIG will represent a wide spectrum of the industry, encompassing professional and amateur players, eSports teams and organizations, game developers, event organizers, coaches, streamers, content creators, and industry partners, among others. This diverse membership will enable networking, skill development, collaboration on projects, insight into market trends, and professional growth, all while fostering a supportive environment for sharing knowledge and best practices.

The SIG is committed to offering a variety of support mechanisms to its members. These include organizing conferences and webinars on topics such as career development and industry trends, providing platforms for networking and collaboration, facilitating mentorship programs, developing resources like case studies and guidelines, advocating for the community’s interests, and recognizing members’ achievements. Such initiatives are designed to navigate the evolving landscape of eSports effectively and ensure the community’s sustained growth and success.

In its inaugural year, the SIG sets forth ambitious goals: establishing a strong, diverse membership base, developing and sharing valuable resources, and organizing a successful flagship event. Efforts will focus on outreach to attract members from all sectors of the eSports industry, emphasizing the SIG’s benefits and opportunities. The creation of best practice guidelines, industry reports, and case studies will support members in their professional endeavors. Additionally, planning and hosting a major event at GDC 2024 will kickstart collaboration and networking, showcasing the latest innovations and facilitating discussions on the future of eSports. Through these efforts, the SIG aims to contribute meaningfully to the global growth and development of eSports, ensuring its position as a dynamic and sustainable industry.


Dr. Farhad Javidi, Chair
Evy Kollstrand, Board Member
Perry Courter, Board Member
Silas Irizarry, Board Member
David Sebesta, Board Member
Robyn James, Board Member


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