The IGDA Allies SIG is a special interest group where game industry people from all walks of life come together to learn about the struggles of diverse peers and educate one another on how to lift each other up. We believe that our members are the best resource to gain understanding and build our empathy, making the game industry, and the world, a better place for all.

The Allies SIG has developed an Ally Skills Workshop based on the work done by the Ada Initiative and Frameshift Consulting. This workshop is geared towards coworkers and managers to help identify and respond to negative situations that commonly affect marginalized groups in and outside the workplace. Through the workshop, participants learn new tools to equip themselves on how to be an ally to others and create the change needed to make life better for everyone.

Our members are diverse in a variety of ways: years in the industry, different disciplines, studio size, etc. This diversity is our strength as we can offer a variety of insights and new opportunities to one another.

All developers are invited and welcome to help us in providing a supportive and productive environment. We are looking for more allies to join us in our current projects and starting new initiatives.

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Josh Samuels (co-chair)
M Rawlings (co-chair)
Su Liu (vice-chair)


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