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Your Success & Failure Will Be Measured by the Strength of Your Brand [2014]

3 Jul 2014

Nearly everyone would agree that you need to build a strong relationship with your players in order to build a successful studio.

  • Building and engaging a community is all about Branding.
  • Getting players engaged with you game and paying is about Branding.
  • Having people recognize and talk about your game or studio is all about Branding.

We’ll explore how you can approach your game marketing, community building and branding efforts to create the strongest connection possible between you and your players.

About Jay Moore

Jay Moore is a serial/parallel entrepreneur, who thrives on building successful new ventures in the gaming sector. Jay has been an evangelist and brand manager in the games industry since 1994, a partner in GarageGames and host of Indie Game Con ’02-’05. Frequent speaker at GDC SF & Austin, e3, LA Games Conf., LOGIN and Casual Connect. Start up advisor to game entrepreneurs, he is an insight merchant focused on building strong business teams and advising on brand, business and corporate development.

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