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Video Game Audits: What You Need To Know [2014]

18 Oct 2019

We are excited to present a talk with a respected royalty auditor with over 13 years of experience. Cedar Boschan and her firm Green Hasson Janks have audited four of the top ten game titles of all time and Cedar has calculated damages and successfully given expert testimony in videogame litigation matters.

Cedar loves to hold publishers and distributors accountable to developers and she is excited to reveal:

  • Why you may not be collecting your fair share of game earnings
  • What you can do about it
  • Who benefits from auditing
  • When to audit
  • How an audit works and what to expect

Cedar will also share examples of actual audit findings that have empowered her clients to renegotiate, make better business decisions and, of course, to recover unpaid royalties due.

About Cedar Boschan

With over 13 years of innovative royalty audit and forensic accounting experience, Cedar Boschan leads Green Hasson Janks’ videogame services. Cedar has calculated damages and given expert testimony in videogame litigation matters. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern California in 1999 and has been a featured media commentator and speaker at the Game Developers’ Conference, Loyola Law School, The California Copyright Conference and SXSW.

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