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Think Like a Start Up vs a Game Studio [2014]

25 Sep 2014

Join Josh Nilson as he discusses how to think more like a start up vs a game studio. You will need to hire, recruit, mentor, lead and onboard people, but how can you do this? How do you track this, and where do you start? Josh will go through some of the huge mistakes East Side Games made and some of the practical things they did right as they grew from 6 people to 50 in a bootstrapped and scrappy studio.

About Josh Nilson

Josh is the CEO and co-founder of East Side Games, a proudly independent studio creating humorous and quirky social and mobile games. Their cult classic title Pot Farm is still going strong on Facebook four years on, entertaining over 8 Million unique players. Dragon Up took home ‘Best Art in a Game’ award in last year’s Indie Prize competition at Casual Connect.

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