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Pitching Tips for Game Developers

18 Feb 2022

By Elena Lobova, Co-founder and CBDO at GDBAY

Creating a game is hard work, but it’s just a part of the journey. If you don’t have enough resources to finish the project, and need help with publishing and distribution, at some point, you’ll face the challenge of pitching your game to investors or publishers.

To help you go through this process smoothly, GDBAY prepared a pitching guide with tips, tricks and pitch deck template. After reading this guide, you will find out if you’re ready to pitch your game, how to prepare for the pitch, what publishers and investors are looking for and how to interest them with your game.

Pitching Tips for Game Developers

After reading these tips, if you feel ready to give your pitch a try, register for Global Games Pitch. IGDA members save 25% on tickets here.

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