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(February 17, 2008) Interactive XMF: File Format Specification DRAFT 0.9.1 (Public Review Draft, Not Final – Not For Implementation)

18 Sep 2023
Interactive XMF (iXMF) is a file format for interoperable interactive audio content. It assumes that iXMF players will have a certain structure, certain behaviors, and a certain relationship to the host application, which is typically a game. This document specifies the file format in full detail, and characterizes the player in enough detail for it to be implemented in any number of ways. The authors of this specification fully expected that iXMF will be used by some people and companies as a directly playable run-time content format, and by other people and companies as a development-time content interchange format that is imported into or exported from interactive audio content authoring tools and run-time engines that also read and write other content formats. It is to be expected that when iXMF content is used in non-iXMF players and tools, some of the functionality in the content is likely to be lost. iXMF uses the XMF Meta File Format [2]; this specification defines iXMF as a new XMF File Type. This Introduction chapter presents high-level overview material that anyone working with iXMF should read.

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