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IGDA Chicago’s “Kickstarting Your Dream Game” Panel

Illinois – Chicago

| 12 Sep 2020

In January IGDA Chicago and IADT hosted a panel discussion about local Chicago developers’ experiences with Kickstarter and other crowd sourcing methods for creating the game of their dreams.

On the panel:

  • Michael Mendheim creator of Mutant League Football
  • Ryan Wiemyer of Men Who Wear Many Hats creator of Organ Trail & Max Gentlemen
  • Dan Nikolaides of Phosphor Games Studio creator of Project AWAKENED
  • Peter Sheff of The Amiable creator of Tetrapulse
  • Craig Stern of Sinister Design creator of Telepath Tactics
  • Eric Shofe of Hidden Treasure Games creator of The Curse Of Shadow House Panel

Moderated by: Rebecca Rothschild of Ladies of the Round Table

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