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How to Outsource Mobile Game Development

11 Apr 2022

Game development is not cheap. Creating a quality game requires a whole team of specialists of different profiles. The more employees, the higher the production budget. And if you are developing several projects at once or want to introduce new technologies, you may not have enough resources. Outsourcing solves all these problems.

By delegating tasks to another company, you can correctly allocate resources, save money and time, and get a better product in the end. Stepico has prepared detailed instructions for you with answers to frequently asked questions in their article “How to Outsource Mobile Game Development.”

Stepico is a mobile game outsourcing & art production company in Ukraine. We always go beyond the limits, spark inspiration, and turn any fantasies into reality. We create bright and exciting projects that stick in the memory. Fascinating mechanics, high-quality graphics and unique artistic style, with the integration of modern technologies enable us to create high-quality products. To put it simply, we make exciting games that keep players coming back.

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