Pathfindings is a virtual conference that will take place on 14 – 17 November, 2023! This is a conference where the focus is on game development in the global south, and it’s a great opportunity for your voice to be heard globally!


PathfindinGS would not be possible without the support from our sponsors. We are grateful for your efforts in celebrating developers across the global south. If you’d like to become a sponsor for this event, you can review our sponsorship slide deck here and you may reach out to Dr. Jakin Vela, IGDA Executive Director, with any questions.



Pathfindings 2023

14 November – Latin America (17:00 UTC – 9:00 am Tijuana)

UTC Time Session Title
17:00 – 17:25  Filling the Gap – The work of a Technical Artist
17:30 – 17:55 Making Accessibility Accessible for Indie Developers: Design Principles
18:00 – 18:55  Roundtable
19:00 – 19:25 Why the global north needs to rethink recruitment
19:30 – 20:55  Break
21:00 – 21:25 Legal Challenges for LATAM Game Studios/Devs
21:30 – 21:55 Gaming Industry Strategic Development – How Planning can Change an Ecosystem 
22:00 – 22:55 Roundtable

15 November – Latin America (17:00 UTC – 9:00 am Tijuana)

UTC Time Session Title
17:00 – 17:25  Emerging Horizons: Adapting and Evolving Youth Employment Initiatives for the Booming Games Industry
17:30 – 17:55 Interactive and adaptive music application
18:00 – 18:55  Roundtable
19:00 – 19:25 Esports & IP
19:30 – 19:55  The Knowledge is Our True Challenge
20:00 – 20:55  Roundtable
21:00 – 21:25 How to Level up your Game (Pitch Improvements)
21:30 – 21:55 Production for Tiny Teams
22:00 – 22:55 Roundtable

16 November – South East Asia (4:00 UTC – 9:00 am Pakistan)

UTC Time Session Title
04:00 – 04:25 Technical Art and Pakistan
04:30 – 04:55  Crafting Immersive Narratives for Environmental Awareness and Personal Resilience
05:00 – 05:55 Roundtable
06:00 – 06:25 Esports
06:30 – 06:55 I (Almost) Quit Games, But You Don’t Have To
07:00 – 07:55 Roundtable

17 November – Africa (14:00 UTC – 2:oo pm Senegal)

UTC Time Session Title
14:00 – 14:25 Jeddo, Tell Me a Story Over a Cup of Chai
14:30 – 14:55 The Joy of Discovery
15:00 – 15:55 Roundtable
16:00 – 16:25 The Future of STEAM Education in Africa: A Gaming Revolution
16:30 – 16:55 Empowering Tomorrow’s Game Developers: African University Game Development Programs 
17:00 – 17:55 Roundtable

Meet Our Speakers

Akash Roy, Lead Game Developer, BYBS

I am a Game Developer with a focus on Computer Graphics and Game Engines. who aims to create captivating experiences and dreams of establishing his own innovative Game Engine in the gaming industry. I have got an impressive portfolio, contributing to various game projects, including a significant military venture for the USA and an MMORPG game. Akash is a distinguished member of the Unreal Engine India Community and leads the Unreal Engine Indore chapter in India. I also mentor aspiring game developers and offer free guidance. My impact extends internationally, as I serve as a respected jury member for Game4Change, using gaming for social impact. I conducted training sessions for Animation, Games, Film, and Corporate studios, sharing his expertise and fostering growth in the industry. This journey showcases my commitment to innovation in game development, inspiring the global gaming landscape.

Alan Antonio Pereira, Technical Artist, Gameloft Montreal

Bachelor in Systems of Information and Post Graduated in Games. 9 years of experience of Unity, 6 of them working as a Technical Artist professionally. Has worked on Flux Games, Aquiris Game Studio (acquired by Epic Games) and now works in Gameloft Montreal. Contributed with educational content for various universities, games associations, digital course sites such as Senac, Anhembi Morumbi, Mentorama, ADJogos and more.


Alonso Canales, Co-founder, Producer, Smarto Club

Alonso is a game developer from Chile currently living in Brooklyn. He is one of the co-founders of Smarto Club, a developer of friendly games which in 2021 released their first game Teacup, a wholesome narrative adventure game about a tea loving frog. Smarto Club is currently developing Bubblegum Galaxy, a cute building strategy game about rebuilding the galaxy tile by tile. When not developing games, Alonso enjoys tinkering with electronics and 3D printing.


André Schenini Moreira, Managing Partner,

Brazilian Lawyer with a Masters degree in International Law, focused on consultancy/transactions and litigation matters relating to IT, Games and Esports industries. André has a distinguished background in Intellectual Property, Contracts, Entertainment Law and Public Funding Tools. Member of organizations that study the relationship between Law and Technological and Creative markets (IAAIL, IGDA, EBA), André is also a volunteer mentor in Brazilian and international entrepreneurship programs (ACE, MIT Hack Brazil, Global Games Pitch, Inovativa).


Anthony Rumiche, Lead Audio SIG, IGDA Peru

I’m Anthony Rumiche, a passionate music creator and composer with a fascinating journey in the world of video games. My journey began when I studied Music Composition at the Peruvian University of Applied Science (UPC). For 5 years, I’ve been immersed in crafting captivating soundscapes for indie games and linear media, collaborating with renowned studios such as Mosha Games, Bright Loritos, Indaga Studios, Sylem Studios, and Rebel Rabbit. My focus revolves around merging narrative, emotion, and dynamism through music, contributing to notable titles like Mosha Online, Loritos World, Empathy Hearts, Colorful, and Wild Wild Space. My passion for connecting players with experiences through music drives me to share my expertise at the Pathfindings conference. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to explore how music enriches narrative and immersion in game development in the Global South.


Arison Heltami Rodrigues Uchôa, Manager of the Ceará’s Gaming Sectoral Planning, Associação Cearense de Desenvolvedores de Jogos (Game Developers Association of Ceará)

My name is Arison Uchôa, Game Designer and Producer with 10+ years of experience, from Indie entrepreneurship to leading roles in co-development and own IPs projects. During these years, i’ve also dedicated myself as an activist to help develop game industry ecosystems in Brazil. As Government Councilor, Industry Representative and Elected Director of local Game Industry Association, i act together with amazing people from Ceará and Brazil to promote public policies, create qualification programs and design a sustainable logic that allow new studios and professionals to achieve their dreams in creating amazing companies and projects.


Ashraf Abi Said, Founder and Organizer, Gaming Academy

Ashraf is the founder of the Gaming Academy, an initiative that teaches beginners in the MENA region how to make games through sessions on design, development, art, music, storytelling, and business. He is also a Unity developer at Nifty Craft, the secretary of Arabic Games, a Narrative Design instructor at the American University of Beirut, and the head of volunteers at the Animal Encounter, an educational center for wildlife conservation.


Daniel Sanchez, SME – Lead Instructor, Generation/Unity/UNAL

Unity Certified Instructor (UCI), Unity Education Ambassador, Game Developer, Content Producer, & mentor. Began as the first UCI in South America and grew to be the #1 top-performing UCI worldwide in 2020.Involved in startups and companies working in gamification, video games, and technological solutions for multiple fields like aviation, simulation, corporate training, entertainment, and social causes. In addition to this experience, I’ve achieved some great relationships inside the Unity team related to the educational area and gained a mentor status in the Colombian game development environment.


David Zuratzi, Director, Those who design

Game designer, specialist in producido videogames from the Latam context. Promotor of good practices among the game dev industry.


Eduardo Henriquez Reyes, Communications Manager, IPA (International Play Alliance)

It all began with a napkin idea at GDC While China and the US decouple their economies, the IPA is bringing together the games industry. We connect game founders, eSports, and governments, to advance public policy that empowers funding, growth, and jobs creation. A napkin idea that began between friends at a GDC party, now spans companies in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and MENA.


Eyram Tawia, CEO, Leti Arts

Eyram is the co-founder and CEO of Leti Arts. As an experienced game developer, Eyram believes that Africa can make a salient contribution to the world of game development and preserve culture through this. He has pioneered developing the gaming industry in Africa with Leti Arts. Eyram believes preserving cultural diversity through gaming and entertainment is very important and aims to prove this by creating world class games and comics using African talent. He has been the lead consultant on several gamification projects with USAID, JHPIEGO, UNDP, GIZ and many global NGOS implementing serious games in Africa. He’s won several awards for his work in the African video game development space, a frequent speaker at game conferences globally and an author with his book Uncompromising Passion documenting his Journey as an African video game developer.


Fathima Minha Farook, Professional Mentor, International Game Developers Association

Hi,I’m Minha.I’m from Sri Lanka.I’m a freelance Dame Developer,Game Designer,QA tester and Professional Gamer.I’m a professional Mentor at IGDA and Professional Teacher for Kids online game making.I have done many roles in game industry : Women in Games Ambassador,Video Games Ambassador World wide,Game Jam Organizer,Mentor Women Game Jam Canada 2023.I have made 6 educational Games for kids.I have participated as a panelist -Women Empowerment Game Industry Canada -Raise Academy & Women In games International.Mentor Women in games Finland 2023 Mentor Game Dev Organizer Game Jam Plus Sri Lanka.


Francois van Niekerk, Studio Director, Clockwork Acorn

Francois has spent a decade wearing many hats at Clockwork Acorn and Spry Fox. He’s taken projects from concept to release, and been part of larger teams. He is currently focused on growing Clockwork Acorn and the South African game industry. He likes tea.


Margarita Constanza Pino Yancovic, Business Developer, Powell Group Consulting

Margarita has been involved in the industry on both sides of the coin, helping studios as a producer and project manager and also scouting, evaluating, and reviewing pitches from different teams in very different environments, as government funds and investment opportunities. She is an active member of the game development community in Latin America and works for the growth of the sector through multiple organizations, with special focus in the inclusion of women in games. She is a board game co author, and very eager to help teams find the best partner for their game.


Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir, Animation Technical Director, Naughty Dog

I was born and raised in Pakistan. Studied Computer Science in Lahore, then moved to Karachi to work as a Traditional Animator on Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film: The Glassworker. Moved to the US for a graduate degree in Entertainment Technology at CMU. I’ve since worked at Oxide Games to build the character technology for ‘Ara: History Untold’ and at Naughty Dog to ship ‘The Last of Us: Part I’. My expertise lie in Technical Art and Animation Pipeline Tech. I’m Pakistani and an immigrant in the US.


Sara Cristina Machado Da Silva, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Sumo Digital

I’m a Brazilian, London-based, game recruiter and career strategist, with a strong emphasis on EDI and candidate experience. I firmly believe that diverse voices from all corners of the globe should be represented and celebrated within the gaming industry, not just as an audience, but as creators and leaders in the space. Managed the Kickstart Scheme for the only game-focused gateway (Into Games + UKIE), hiring over 133 entry-level candidates, aged 16-24, for over 45 studios in the UK. Produced a 26-page report with 10 guidance points based on data from the survey, showing how companies can rethink recruitment in order to be truly inclusive and unbiased when hiring. Delivered a game industry masterclass to over 200 UK work coaches, covering the games industry, key players, entry-level roles, important tools, and game production cycles.


Thomas Shiva, Founder, CEO, Digital Realm Entertainment

Thomas Shiva is an aspiring rising African entrepreneur and tech expert with +10 years of XP in the gaming industry. As the Founder and CEO of Digital Realm Entertainment, he has successfully established the first gaming company in Rwanda and the region, pioneering the gaming ecosystem and fostering its growth. With a background in computer science and software engineering, Thomas brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative skills to the industry.He is a respected leader and advocate for the development of local tech ecosystems in Africa, actively involved in organizations such as the Rwanda Game Developers Association and Enter-Africa Org. Thomas has played a significant role in locally and globally promoting the gaming and creative industries on the continent, advocating for their recognition and growth.

His expertise spans game Design & Development, cultural integration, content creation, and Software engineering. Thomas has a passion for infusing games with elements of African culture, showcasing diversity, and creating African immersive-experiences. He has also ventured into the field of esports and competitive gaming, organizing tournaments and fostering the growth of the esports scene in Africa.As a renowned speaker and pioneer in the gaming industry, Thomas has shared his knowledge and insights at various conferences and events worldwide. He is dedicated to bridging the gap between the creative and technology spaces, establishing sustainable ecosystems, and driving innovation in Africa. Thomas’s leadership and industry expertise make him a valuable asset to the gaming and tech industry on the continent, contributing to its advancement and shaping the future of the African gaming landscape.