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Spooky Game Jam Midwest Post Mortem

Illinois – Chicago

| 30 Oct 2020

Last week was the inaugural Spooky Game Jam Midwest!

Game developers of all abilities across the entire Midwest gathered online via Twitch, Discord, & itch.io to produce their own original games according to the jam’s theme: NIGHTMARES.

The event began with a brief video introduction on Friday from IGDA Chicago Chair Ross A. Hersemann. Participants were given a run down of the jam rules and encouraged to make terrifying games that explored the unknown, the unexpected, and the unnerving. The task was simple: complete a spooky game entry by Sunday afternoon and submit it for evaluation and feedback from the jam organizers.

Inspired by folktales, superstitions, and their own haunting dreams, five teams of Midwest collaborators shared their gamified visions of what scares them the most. Five games were submitted” Thalassophobia, La Llorona, Maze of Music, Nightmare Mirror, & Silence Speaks.


A panel of IGDA Midwest leaders provided some feedback and constructive criticism on the game submissions Sunday. Branden Middendorf, Ross A. Hersemann, Mars Ashton, Clover Ross, and Ashlyn Sparrow were in attendance and praised the participants for their originality, skill, and collaborative efforts.


Overall, the inaugural Spooky Game Jam Midwest was a fantastic success and a shining example of what dedicated and determined individuals can accomplish when they set their minds to it. The jam participants collaborated virtually and shared code, art, sound, and their cohesive visions of creativity during a worldwide pandemic.

Their collaboration helped bring the Midwest chapters of the IGDA closer together together and laid a groundwork for future projects.

Happy Halloween and stay spooky!

Source: https://www.igdachicago.com/blog/2020-spooky-game-jam-midwest-post-mortem

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