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SLC Chapter Global Game Jam Report 2024

Utah – Salt Lake City

| 28 Jan 2024

Last weekend, gamers and creatives all over the world participated in the Global Game Jam, a distributed event where jammers get a theme at the beginning and then create a game prototype to showcase at the end of the jam, usually running over a single weekend.

All told we had 30 jammers and 10 games made!

We had an awesome venue sponsor this year (the Christa McAuliffe Space Center – with a planetarium and spaceship simulators) which enabled us to have opening and closing in-person. In-person jamming allows people to learn body language, travel time management, reading the room, and other important communication skills. The team forming is always rough with hybrid but mostly the teams did a great job putting together something show-worthy at the end!

Link to the games: https://globalgamejam.org/group/794/games





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