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Skills You Need to Start a Career in the Game Development Industry

28 Aug 2020

Today we welcome this guest blog from Artur Meyster, the Founder of Career Karma

Playing video games is now big business. According to Forbes, the global games market that generated about $150 billion last year. Today, being a gamer is a well-paid job, and major companies are investing in the industry.

Given that, starting a career in the game development industry will provide you with  incredible job opportunities. Major companies like Nintendo offer their employees not only excellent salaries but also a full suite of benefits. At Nintendo game developers receive health coverage, parental leave, and retirement planning benefits.

With those kinds of benefits, having a job in the game development industry will change not only how you think but also how you live.

Generally speaking, gaming is beneficial for everyone as it allows users to exercise strategic skills and learn new concepts. Starting a career as a gamer developer allows you to change your lifestyle and people’s lives. 

Here’s a list of some skills that are useful for starting a career in game development:


Learning how to code is crucial if you want to develop games. Programming languages like C# and C++ are widely used for game development. However, before choosing what programming language you should first learn, you should know what type of games you want to build.

For example, if you want to develop mobile games, then it would be beneficial to learn Java, but if you’re going to build desktop computer games, it’s better to learn C++. Programming skills are sought-after for many roles within the game industry, not just for engineers. Game designers, technical artists, and even producers can benefit from understanding the principles of computer science and programming.

Python is a great programming language to learn first.  Python is easy to learn and can be used for general purposes. Tech professionals like mobile developers use Python because there’s a large community  and ample resources available to new learners. Additionally, Python’s syntax is easier for new coders to approach when compared to languages like C++.

Thinkful is a company that offers courses in different tech fields where you can learn Python, JavaScript, and other in-demand programming languages for video game development. The company allows students to learn from the comfort of their homes as they offer online courses.

Also, Thinkful provides its students with a career support team that will help them during the programs. At Thinkful, you’ll earn job-ready skills that will help you to be part of the world’s next workforce. For that reason, joining Thinkful’s team is an excellent choice to start learning how to code.


In the game development industry, it’s also vital to design a fun and aesthetically pleasing game. The experience a game can provide that will often determine if it will be successful or not.

Users demand not only more playable games but also immersive experiences. Learning user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design skills can help start your new career as a game developer. 

There are new UX and UI challenges every day within the game industry. Virtual reality and augmented reality have presented many new challenges when it comes to design. With the adoption of virtual reality, companies have been able to create unique experiences for customers.

Major companies like Sony are investing vast amounts of money in new technologies like VR and augmented reality (AR). As a result, Sony has been able to innovate in the market and overcome many competitors.

Well-designed products allow companies to make a difference. For this reason, learning designing skills will help you to stand out and get the job you’ve always wanted.

Time Management

Developing a game is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and teamwork to develop a well-design product. During the process,you’ll need to meet several deadlines. Time management skills are required to thrive in an environment where you need to prioritize deadlines, and  is vital to ensure the project will be completed on time.


Identifying and solving bugs are part of game developers’ everyday life. Overcoming challenges, and having a problem-solving aptitude is essential to start a career.

Being able to view a problem or situation from different points of view will help you during the design and development process. Identifying and correcting bugs can be time consuming or frustrating if not approached with the right mindset. You must remember that every problem has a solution and it’s only a matter of time to find it.


Artistic skills also play a key role in game development. Game developers, like web developers, need to create visually appealing products that can engage players and immerse them in new worlds. 

In the same way, creativity helps you to design more sophisticated challenges that users need to overcome while playing. From the way a puzzle is solved to the way users explore virtual worlds, they all require creativity to be remarkable.


Storytelling is also a skill that can be honed by game developers. Narrative designers can add elements such as suspense and humor to catch players’ attention. 

Developing games with a good storyline can leave a lasting impression on the players


A career in the game development industry can encompass many skills, both hard and soft. While indie game developers may attempt to learn all of the skills above, specialized developers are larger studios may focus on mastering one. If you have passion for video games and their creation, these efforts will be enjoyable.

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