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SIG Spotlight: Women in Games (WIG SIG)

3 Sep 2019

Today we would like to highlight our largest Special Interest Group, the IGDA Women in Games SIG (WIG SIG). WIG SIG is a valuable resource for people to seek advice, connect with talented women in the games industry, and become inspired by their talent and resilience.

WIG SIG is devoted to highlighting women and trans women in our industry, but also supports all underrepresented people through the challenges they face.

For years, the WIG SIG has run and organized the official Women in Games Roundtable at GDC, sponsored by the IGDA. It is a space for women of all career levels and game development professions to discuss the state of the industry for women, highlight and discuss issues, and make suggestions for improvement of both the industry and the SIG.

WIG SIG also posts a monthly profile of a woman in games on its blog as well as maintains a twitter feed to promote women in the industry and highlight calls for submissions, events, and other relevant topics.

In 2018, the SIG increased its efforts in supporting mid-career women, especially on initiatives and resources to retain talent in our industry. The SIG is working with the new IGDA leadership to provide more resources for mid-career women, especially those in times of need and crisis in connection to their ongoing success in the games industry.

In the coming years, WIG SIG plans to offer resources and support for people who deal with complex workplace situations as well as those who want to grow into leadership roles.

The group is also working to team up with other organizations to connect more women with event organizers for speaking engagements and support other groups working toward advancing and supporting women in games.

Recently, the WIG SIG has launched its own Discord channel with a short application process. Anyone from students to senior executives is encouraged to apply. In this Discord, everyone can discuss topics related to supporting women in the games industry.

Check out their website at https://women.igda.org/ to read their women in games profile features, access their resources, and learn more about how to get involved with the important work they are doing for everyone in the game industry.

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