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Partner Spotlight: Streamline Media Group

23 Nov 2021

We would like to spotlight Streamline Media Group, who kindly sponsored Pathfindin.gs 2021.


About Streamline Media Group

Founded in 2001, Streamline Media Group is a global independent development company creating the Metaverse with video games. Straddling the convergence of media, entertainment, technology, and video games, they have a presence in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Streamline Media Group operates through five business divisions, and over the past two decades, has supported development of some of the highest-grossing IPs of all time. To learn more about Streamline Media Group or discuss collaborative opportunities, visit https://smg.buzz/6VmRRRwY

In late 2020, Streamline launched an award-winning podcast, Video Games Real Talk, to discuss the business of video games with industry veterans and leaders. Season 1 included topics such as ‘Crash Course in Mobile Gaming,’ ‘In conversation with Shawn Layden,’ and ‘Behind Balenciaga.’ Season 2 has kicked off with great guests covering ‘Macro Investments and the Metaverse’ and ‘The Future of PR in Gaming.’ The podcast is available to listen on YouTube, Spotify, Google, and Apple.


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