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More Information On The 2013 IGDA Board Of Director Elections

14 Jan 2013

This will be the second election following the new nomination process instituted last year. The primary changes to the process are:

Member Support of Nomination: Nominees must have 10 IGDA members in good standing support their nomination.

Nomination Committee: At the close of the nomination period a Nomination Committee will evaluate all nominees, and provide to the Board for ratification a final slate of candidates to be put forward to the membership for election.

The Nomination Committee is composed entirely of former board members. These are people who understand the time, effort and energy involved in helping lead the IGDA, and are able to vet each nominee and provide their recommendation for who they believe will make strong board members.

This process worked very well last year, the two board members elected, Ed Fries and Sheri Rubin, have both played a very active and instrumental role in leading the IGDA forward. Our hope is that this year’s elected board members will be just as successful in pursuing the goals of the IGDA.

Over the years we’ve had a couple other questions which we’d like to clarify.

International Board Members:

While members of the Board of Directors have typically been US members, this is NOT a requirement. We are an international organization and highly encourage members outside of the US to run for the board.

Election Results Timing:
After the election ends on March 18th, the results will be tabulated and then certified by the board at our next meeting (currently scheduled for March 21st). The results will then be announced after we have been able to contact each of the candidates.

If you have any additional questions please contact our executive director Kate Edwards, who is running elections this year, at kate@igda.org.

Good luck to all the candidates!
Brian Robbins
Vice Chair, IGDA Board of Directors

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