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Mike Acton to Keynote IGDA Leadership Track at SIEGE

13 Aug 2013

Mike Acton will be featured as he opens the track at this year’s SIEGE conference held 4-6 October in Atlanta, USA


Acton’s often seen ‘tell it like it is’ demeanor was a natural choice for the IGDA Leadership Track which focuses on providing game development leadership with contemporary, first-hand accounts and concrete lessons for its attendees to use immediately to make a difference in their teams, projects, and studios.


Acton’s keynote is sure to live up to that focus as evidenced by the session description that will definitely lure in attendees who want some straight talk:

Mike Acton, like everyone else is tired of both the naïve and totally incompetent “leadership” endemic to game development. He will introduce the no bull$#!t track for leaders who are willing to make real change and move the industry forward. He will draw on his own experience building and leading teams and as Engine Director at Insomniac games. Mike will begin the discussion of how we can break down the barriers between those problems we can clearly see and the real practice of making a difference by serving those that work with you and for you as a leader.


You can learn more about the IGDA Leadership Track and its call for proposals (closing soon!) here: http://bit.ly/14SrQhR

To register for SIEGE 2013 and get its early bird pricing head here: http://register.siegecon.net/

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