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MATC Mothership Attends M+Dev

Wisconsin – MATC

| 8 Feb 2024

As a new semester starts, Mothership members reminisce on all the memories they made throughout the last semester while participating in the club. One of the most memorable activities was Mothership’s trip to M+Dev. M+Dev was held on November 10th, 2023 at the Alliant Energy Center. M+Dev is a game developer’s conference held every year in Madison Wisconsin.

For many MATC students within the CSG & Animation Programs, this trip served as an introduction to the Midwestern Game Developers Conference & its resources. Student members networked with industry professionals, local studios, potential employers, peers, and representatives of neighboring universities such as students and staff. Students were able to discover job openings or internships at the companies they admire or aspire to join.

Students were able to attend seminars to learn exclusive information about the industry, the latest tech, tips & tricks for a variety of disciplines such as art, music, business, programming, etc. A couple of panels titled “How to Get Hired” included advice from recruiters for those seeking to break into the game/animation industry. 

Although the event was educational / career oriented it was also fun and engaging. Students also had the opportunity to visit different booths where graduates, indie devs, and larger companies were showcasing their games, artwork, latest projects, or innovative devices. Attendees could also participate in game tournaments. Overall it was a nice opportunity for members of Mothership to step out of their comfort zone, bond with each other, meet new people, and a good introduction to the growing game industry located in the heart of Wisconsin. 

Hopefully, Mothership and Milwaukee Area Technical College can establish a tradition to provide future generations of students the ability to travel and participate in M+Dev. Special thanks to Eric Zeimanpz and Steven Chapp for the opportunity, this wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you to Kevin, Katrina, and the student government for advocating for our students. Thank you to Blake for your support and for providing safe transportation. Last but not least, thank you to everyone at  M+Dev for welcoming Mothership with open arms.

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