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It Takes a Village – And We Thank You!

29 Apr 2020

Last week (19-25 April) was Volunteer Appreciation Week and we spent it highlighting only a small number of the hundreds of volunteers around the world who make the IGDA what it is.

To all of those out there that we didn’t shine a light on and everyone that allowed us the opportunity to publicly appreciate you, thank you for your efforts supporting your communities as a part of the IGDA.

Check out #igdaLove on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to see more and read this message of appreciation from our executive director, Renee Gittins.


  • Those we didn’t shine a line on,
  • Abbas Saleem Khan (Pakistan),
  • Alayna Cole (Australia),
  • Alexander Bevier (United States),
  • Brandon Huffman (United States),
  • Bruno Palermo (Brazil),
  • Carlos Arturo Reyes (Colombia),
  • Chris DeLeon (United States),
  • Chris Solarski (Switzerland),
  • Christopher Hamilton (Finland),
  • Cristina Amaya (United States),
  • Ellie Kirkner (United States),
  • Gwen Foster (Philippines),
  • Honey Arriola (Philippines),
  • IGDA Austin (United States),
  • IGDA Japan (Japan),
  • IGDA Twin Cities (United States),
  • Jess Haskins (United States),
  • Jonathan Taylor Moriarty (United States),
  • Joonas Häll (Finland),
  • Juan Vaca (United States),
  • Kai Shabaka (United States),
  • Kathleen Yin (Australia),
  • Larry Kuperman (United States),
  • Laura Teclemariam (United States),
  • Lorri Hopping (United States),
  • Lucien Parsons (United States),
  • Marcelo Rigon (Brazil),
  • Marianna Krajkvina (Estonia),
  • Marleia Alfaro (United States),
  • Martin Grider (United States),
  • Ryan Bown (United States),
  • Suzanne Freyjadis (United States),
  • Terry Nguyen (United States),
  • Tim Cullings (United States),
  • Yaraslau Kot (Belarus),
  • And everyone throughout the industry,

Thank you for all you do to support your communities as a part of the IGDA.

Get involved today!

Reach out to your local Chapter or a Special Interest Group to find out how to get involved!

Volunteer Appreciation 2020: Abbas Saleem KhanVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Alayna ColeVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Alexander BevierVolunteer Appreciation 2020: IGDA AustinVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Brandon HuffmanVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Bruno PalermoVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Carlos Arturo ReyesVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Chris DeLeonVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Christopher HamiltonVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Chris SolarskiVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Cristina AmayaVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Ellie Kirkner
Volunteer Appreciation 2020: Gwen FosterVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Honey ArriolaVolunteer Appreciation 2020: IGDA JapanVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Jess HaskinsVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Jonathan Taylor MoriartyVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Joonas HällVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Juan VacaVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Kai ShabakaVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Kathleen YinVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Larry KupermanVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Laura Teclemariam
Volunteer Appreciation 2020: Lorri HoppingVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Lucien ParsonsVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Marcelo RigonVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Marianna KrajkvinaVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Marleia AlfaroVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Martin GriderVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Ryan BownVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Suzanne FreyjadisVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Terry NguyenVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Tim CullingsVolunteer Appreciation 2020: IGDA Twin CitiesVolunteer Appreciation 2020: Yaraslau Kot

Five Reasons to Volunteer in Your Community

  1. Impact Your Community
    By giving back to an organization you care about, you have the power to improve it and give back, making it better for yourself and others.
  2. Networking
    It’s not always what you know, but who you know. By engaging with others in your industry through volunteering, you’re expanding your network of contacts and develop relationships that will last throughout your career.
  3. Learning Opportunity
    Every opportunity has its own set of tasks and challenges, which may require you to learn new skills or exercise ones you haven’t had the chance to use in awhile. These can help you in your daily life or career, and gives you exposure to try things you may otherwise not get the opportunity to!
  4. Good for your Health
    Volunteering has been known to help counteract the effects of stress, anger and anxiety, as well as prevent depression.
  5. It Feels Good
    While yes, you can add your volunteer experience to your resume, and overall it can help your career – it also just feels good to give back and do something for others. It can be a fun and fulfilling way to spend your time!

Get involved today!

Reach out to your local Chapter or a Special Interest Group to find out how to get involved!

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