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IGDA x Core Summer Jam Winners Announced

30 Jun 2020

The judging for the IGDA x Core Summer Jam came to a close and the winners were announced as part of Twitch’s Summer Game Festival. This completely virtual game jam used Core to empower the participants to make amazing games over the span of just three weeks.

Core is the new free game creation platform that lets you build, publish, and play games. Core makes prototyping and iteration fast, so it’s a great platform for Game Jams, especially if you want to quickly set up a 3D multiplayer experience. You can get started making games right away using thousands of free, high quality music, sound, and art assets, with no coding required.

Core is backed by the power of the Unreal engine, and it lets you create and customize your game as you see fit, from custom game logic in Lua to unique models you can combine from kitbashed primitives to a fully featured terrain editor. Check out the following video of how to create and publish a multiplayer-ready game in 10 minutes!

This year’s theme was ‘Summer Festivals’, and we saw tropical island races, shark-infested rock concerts, and clowns galore! There were also $3,000 in prizes for the winners of the IGDA x Core Summer Game Jam. The winners are receiving:

1st Place – $1,000USD Amazon gift card
2nd Place – $500USD Amazon gift card
3rd Place – $300USD Amazon gift card
4th-10th Place: $100USD Amazon gift card

Best Mini-game: $300USD Amazon gift card
Best Audio Design: $300USD Amazon gift card

So check out the IGDA x Core Summer Jam awards ceremony and the winners below!

1st – Clash of Clowns

2nd – Coaster Creator

3rd – Island Race Festival

4th – Fantasy Summer Festival

5th & Best Mini Game – Claw Summer Festival

6th – Corenival

7th – Tumbleweed Shooting

8th & Best Audio – Clown Simulator

9th – SHARK POGO V1 Summer Festivals

10th – Summer in Japan


This was a wonderful game jam and we saw so many creative games. If you would like to check out all of the games created, go to: https://itch.io/jam/coreigda-2020

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