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IGDA x Core Summer Game Jam

1 Jun 2020

The IGDA is proud to announce the IGDA x Core Summer Game Jam in partnership with Manticore:

Aggripina’s Core scene

Game development is hard, there’s no question about it. The long nights spent pouring over mesh UVs, rendering code optimization, or difficult design paradigms – it’s not easy. Yet you do it anyway. Why? Each of you have your own specific reasons that are unique to you, but I’d wager there’s a strong love of the craft that permeates it all – an enjoyment of the process itself. Of course there’s also the admirable enjoyment of creating a memorable experience for others, and for improving your skills at doing so. Enter Core, a toolset aimed to assist you with the holistic endeavor of game development.

Core is a platform that:

  1. Has thousands of high quality free art, audio, and gameplay assets
  2. Allows you to publish and host games live on our servers, in only seconds, enabling extremely fast iteration loops
  3. Takes care of multiplayer networking basics and automatically maps UVs to tile seamlessly
  4. And much, much more

We take care of the annoyances, the hazards of the discipline, so that we free you to do what you do best – make games. Craft your elegant experiences without toolsets getting in the way. 

With this in mind, we invite you to our three-week game jam, in collaboration with IGDA, where you can use Core to make a full multiplayer game/experience and win great prizes. The theme, Summer Festivals, also subtly hints towards the strengths of Core. For example:

  • The art style of our lends itself very well to making gorgeous, well lit, and populated scenes (see here for an in-depth post by our art director on the art design of core), as we have thousands of free assets for you to use and are backed by the visual power of Unreal Engine 4
  • The Lua-based scripting, alongside our extensive API, allows for many games to be made, from casual UI-based experiences (2048) to in-world based farming sims (here), that lend themselves well to carnival themed minigames
  • The entire idea of festivals is inherently best with others – fortunately Core is multiplayer by default, allowing for your creations to be shared in the same space
  • Our kitbashable music system is ripe for use, with hundreds of free assets ranging from simple SFX to full cinematic scores, all tweakable and dynamic

Flashyraccoon’s Core scene

All of this comes together to create a platform that is intended to enable you like never before. To allow anyone to make the game of their dreams!

But you don’t have to take my word for it; this contest is the perfect time to put Core to the test. Try it out yourself by downloading Core now, and talk with us directly (and other members of the community) by joining our Discord.

Oh, and since the ‘beautiful act of creation’ can’t pay for groceries, we also have over $3k in prizes to award to the winners! 

Sign Up Here

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Nink’s Core scene

Whim’s core scene

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