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IGDA Statement on Activision Blizzard Lawsuit

22 Jul 2021

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –22 July 2021 — This week, we have seen disturbing accusations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation detailed in the lawsuit brought by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing of California against Activision Blizzard. Similar accusations have been made against other companies in the past, and while we do not yet know what evidence will be brought to light in the case, it is clear our industry has a problem. We cannot allow such behavior to continue within our industry, as it not only lessens the strength of our teams and the quality of our projects, but causes great and lasting harm to our peers. 

The detailed toxicity in this lawsuit is just another example of a chronic problem that we face as an industry. We cannot allow harassment and toxicity to go unchecked. We must support inclusion and diversity within our industry so that we may all thrive together and support the development of our future talents as well. 

We also recognize that change is needed from the top to be truly effective. These can not be empty words and promises, but true action and investigation. In order to support these changes and to empower company leaders to take action to stop the toxic cultures that allow this behavior to thrive, the IGDA has recently published our own Guide for Game Companies: How to Create and Sustain a Positive Work Culture. This resource details how to proactively define and improve a game studio’s culture to prevent toxicity and poor behavior from thriving, while our HR Policy Guidebook Template provides the outline for the creation and distribution of direct policies to support such a culture. 

In addition to these papers, we have stood proudly with our Special Interest Groups, Chapters, and other resources to support those affected by such behaviors, and have worked actively to condemn bad behavior and empower positive leadership. 

Together we can condemn the failures in our industry’s past and take the steps forward to enact change that will ensure this wonderful, creative, diverse industry will support every person who contributes to it.

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