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IGDA Salt Lake/Provo Area Chapter – 2020 Leadership Announcements and More

Utah – Salt Lake City

| 26 Jan 2020
2020 is going to be an exciting year for gaming professionals in Utah! Our main goal this year is to increase a sense of community among developers, not only by encouraging more integration between studio professionals, indie developers and students, but also by facilitating more cooperation between digital and analogue (board and card) game enthusiasts, esports, Twitch streamers and more. In addition to our regular meetings we want to increase the amount and variety of social meetups as well as learning groups, in an effort to find new ways for game developers and professionals to connect.
In the first IGDA meeting of 2020 held January 9th in the Murray Public Library we covered the following points:
1. Chapter Leadership Changes
We announced the leadership structure for the local chapter in 2020:
2. Volunteer Opportunities
We’re looking for a few volunteers to fulfill the following roles:
  • Secretary – our #1 event wrangler and a member of our leadership board.
  • Community Rep – someone who can represent and promote IGDA to a local studio, student program, advocacy group, or other subset of our community.
  • Event Manager – someone who runs a specific recurring event in association with the IGDA.
If interested email Laura Schumacher at  binky2bink@gmail.com
3. IGDA of Salt Lake Philosophy
We believe that game development is more than just a job, it’s a community, and we want to find other people who believe in that and get them to meet each other and achieve that goal. We brainstormed many good ideas for potential meetups, but are always looking for more ideas and/or volunteers on that front. If you would like to suggest a meetup idea please send it to any of the chapter leadership.
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