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IGDA partnership with Denuvo

28 Apr 2021

Partner Spotlight- Denuvo by Irdeto – IGDA


The IGDA would like to highlight one of our newest partners, Denuvo. Denuvo by Irdeto is the world leader in gaming security, protecting games on desktop, console and mobile platforms. The company provides core technology and services for game publishers/platforms, independent software vendors, e-publishers and video publishers across the globe. Developed by security experts, who are gamers themselves, the Denuvo team understands the gaming industry from the inside out. Their technology helps to protect the game IP and developer’s revenue while having a minimal impact on user’s experience and still guaranteeing maximum protection.

They are at the forefront of games security with over two billion unique game installs protected across all platforms (PC, Console and Mobile), over 1,000 games secured and a solid track record of protecting AAA titles for more than a decade. Denuvo collaborates with game developers of all sizes.

Denuvo carries on its mission of bringing fairness and fun back to gaming by providing its Anti-Cheat solution to all developers who want to protect their games and gaming community, from hackers and cheaters. According to its Global Gaming Survey, 77% of the gamers express being repelled from a game due to cheating occurring, creating a tremendous risk on monetization of games.

The Denuvo Anti-Cheat incorporates advanced technology to secure both online gameplay as well as securely reward offline progress. Securing revenue sources beyond the game sales has become increasingly important for the game publishers who rely on ad-revenues, in-game currency, downloadable content (DLC) and more broadly gamers long-term engagement into the games. This Anti-Cheat technology helps to secure games against piracy, protect the integrity of the gaming experience and protect sensitive game logic and data, preventing cheaters from changing critical variables and ensuring its trustworthiness.

For more information on Denuvo and video game protection offering, please visit their site.


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