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IGDA Partners with GameDev.World and Take This to Support Game Devs Through COVID-19 Effects

28 Feb 2020

The IGDA strives to ensure game developers can successfully pursue their dreams. We support the personal growth of game developers, the betterment of the game industry, and also work to help developers overcome the many challenges in the industry and the world. 

With the effect of COVID-19 on conferences and international travel, many companies and developers have not only lost business opportunities and access to valuable talks, but their critical funds invested in travel, booth space, and passes to pursue these opportunities. In light of this, the IGDA would like to announce two partnerships to support both affected developers and all developers worldwide. 

The IGDA is partnering with GameDev.World’s online event and fundraiser to alleviate the financial burdens on developers affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to providing financial relief, this event will supply education opportunities via free talks about important game development subjects. Attendees across the globe will be able to hone their expertise and knowledge.

The IGDA is also partnering with Take This, a trusted leader in mental health practice in the game industry, to develop new materials and standards of support and professionalism to ensure the success of developers. This partnership will provide trusted resources for sustainable development practices by improving human resource practices and leadership development across the game industry.

We are proud to be a leading voice of the game development community as we come together to aid those in our industry in the pursuit of their dreams. Both of these partnerships will support game developers around the globe in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers, and should lessen the burdens created by these recent events.

For more information about GameDev.World’s efforts, please visit: https://gamedev.world/relief/

For resources from Take This to assist with handling GDC’s and other conferences postponement, please visit: https://www.takethis.org/2020/02/handling-the-gdc-announcement/

More details and resources will be released within the next week. 

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