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IGDA Bylaws Change and 2018 Elections

13 Dec 2017

For the IGDA, everything we do must be to support game developers around the world. And as an organization, we strive to consistently evaluate how we’re doing in our mission, and to make the changes necessary to have the largest impact possible in helping game developers succeed.

In October, the IGDA Board of Directors adopted a number of important changes to the IGDA Bylaws. An updated copy of the bylaws can be found here (PDF – 219KB); the substantive changes focused on adjusting the number of elected and appointed members of the Board of Directors.

Being a member of the IGDA Board of Directors can be a difficult responsibility, and historically, the organization has struggled to find members who were qualified to hold a Board position as well as interested in, and able to meet, the substantial commitment (PDF – 88KB) needed to fulfill the duties of a Board member. Over the last five years, the IGDA adopted a vetting process, conducted by former members of the IGDA Board, to ensure that potential Board candidates were both aware of the challenges of serving on the Board and prepared for the commitment; however, the IGDA continued to struggle with the composition of its Board of Directors, particularly in providing greater representation to our international membership as well as meeting some of the critical skill needs the Board has. Without a Board that is representative of our membership, and that has the knowledge and ability to address the challenges that the organization faces, the IGDA cannot serve its global members in a way that is effective, impactful, and that helps our members face the challenges and opportunities they experience as game developers.

Accordingly, the IGDA Board has adopted changes to its bylaws that move from a Board composed of 3 appointed and 6 elected members to a Board that has 6 appointed and 3 elected members. Elections will still be held every year, for three year terms (with ⅓ of the board seats being up for election or appointment each year), and when members put themselves forward for consideration as an elected Board member, they will also be considered for an appointed Board position. Moving to a Board that has a majority of positions appointed, but still has a significant number of elected positions, ensures that the Board members will be carefully selected to meet the current and future needs of the IGDA and its members, helps guarantee representation of different backgrounds and geographic areas on the Board, and also provides members with a voice on the Board of Directors through the elected representatives.

The new Board election and appointment process will work as follows:

  • The IGDA will announce a call for applications for the 3 open Board positions (1 elected, 2 appointed) at least 13 weeks before the new term begins. The application window will close at least 9 weeks before the new term begins.
  • Interested members will receive an Applicant packet, including the IGDA Board Member job description and Board Expectations (PDF – 88KB) documents.
  • Interested applicants will be asked to meet with at least two members of the nominating committee; interviews will occur at least 6-9 weeks before the new term begins. The Nominating Committee will be made up of IGDA members with prior Board service or other experts as needed.
  • The Nominating Committee will make recommendations to the IGDA Board at least 6 weeks before the new term begins. The Nominating Committee will provide up to four recommendations for appointed candidates, and up to three recommendations for candidates for election.
  • The IGDA will hold Board elections over a three-week period, at least 5 weeks before the new term begins.
  • The winner of the election will receive a Board seat, and the IGDA Board will appoint two additional members based on the recommendations of the Nominating Committee and the needs of the organization. The Bylaw changes have also defined quorum as being reached with any number of votes, so the election will always be valid.
  • New Board members will be announced before the start of their term, and will receive training on their new responsibilities over their first three months in office.

These changes have been made with the express purpose of improving the quality and representation of our Board so that we can better serve our members.

For the 2018 elections, the specific timeline will be:

  • 13 December 2017: Nomination Period Begins
  • 8 January 2018: Nomination Period Closes
  • 15 January – 11 February: Nominating Committee interviews
  • 11 February: Nominating Committee provides recommendations to Board
  • 18 February – 11 March: Election Period
  • 19 March: New Board Members Announced
  • 1 April: New Term Begins

We invite interested IGDA members to apply for the three positions to be filled in 2018 here.

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