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Global Game Jam IGDA SLC Utah Valley University Report

Utah – Salt Lake City

| 3 Feb 2020

Just over 40 people gathered in Utah Valley University’s Business Resource Center in Orem, USA, just south of Salt Lake City, USA, as part of Global Game Jam 2020.

We had all sorts of jammers, from accessibility award beneficiaries to first time developers to veterans from local studios like WildWorks, Inc.

A huge thank you to the sponsors and volunteers who made it possible!

Thank you to UVU for sponsoring the space! https://www.uvu.edu/

Thank you to the GGJ Accessibility Fund and Triple Topping for providing transportation to and from the event! https://globalgamejam.org/news/ggj-site-accessibility-fund

Thank you to Utah Geek Events for sponsoring a meal and drinks! https://www.utahgeekevents.com

Thank you also to all the tireless volunteers from the IGDA Salt Lake City/Provo Area Chapter and the Utah Indie Games group! www.utahindiegames.org

The quality of games finished at this year’s jam were as always, amazing and inspiring, and some of them were better than any others that have been done at a Utah game jam. Many of the top teams could easily sell their game almost as is on a live service or in an app store. The less experienced jammers got help from generous mentors and fellow attendees, and I’m pleased to report that every team came away with something to show and be proud of, gaining skills and experience that are hard to find outside of a real job in the industry.

Please feel free to check the games made this year at:

Find a video of our final presentations and our one hour midway walkthrough here:

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