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| 12 Dec 2019
Winter is coming (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and with it, planning for GDC 2020, where we have some exciting collaborations and events we’re working on!
Some of the things we’re working on include:
1) A Serious Games Roundtable: A forum for talking about the state of serious games and topics of interest or importance for the community. Some of the themes we touched on last year were mentorship for people getting into serious games, integrating design thinking and co-designing into the development process, the image issues of serious games as a discipline (and the lack of exposure many have to it, leading to pipeline issues), and of course, the need for a repository of successful games and related research. While a few of the topics brought up are new to this year, others come up perennially.
2) A Serious Games Networking Reception: Some of you may remember the off-site gatherings we hosted in 2017 and 2018, with the generous support of Google. These provided the a nice opportunity for those who were involved with serious games in a variety of capacities to come together and discuss what they did, who they were, and possible collaborations. In the past, we’ve collaborated with the Learning, Education, and Games SIG to host this, as well as the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment – this year, we’re working on reviving it, with the help of collaborators new and old. Stay tuned for details!
3) A flyer to highlight GDC tracks and talks by members of our community, or particularly relevant to the work we do.
We invite you to join us on one of our social platforms (Slack and Discord!) if you have suggestions for more or to help hash out the details!
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