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Developers Satisfaction Survey – Facebook Partnership and Your Input

27 Feb 2021

The IGDA is proud to announce it is partnering with Facebook Gaming to run the 2021 Developer Satisfaction Survey.

The IGDA and Western University run the Developer Satisfaction Survey as a biannual survey to understand and gauge the current demographic composition, quality of life, and overall career satisfaction of those within the game development industry. The Developers Satisfaction Survey is a critical tool for the IGDA to achieve our mission of empowering and supporting game developers around the world.

We need your help to capture the state of our industry and the health of the development community. Please take the survey today here.

You can also read an exclusive interview with Renee Gittins, the IGDA Executive Director, with Facebook Gaming about the importance of this survey, its history, and how it hopes to capture and reflect on the issues within the game industry.

In the 2019 Developer Satisfaction Survey, we saw a rise to 24% of game developers identifying as female, and a total of 29% of game developers not identifying as male. This is a 10% increase in the representation of female developers seen previously. The attitudes towards the importance of diversity in the game industry and in game content also continued to improve. These changes may suggest positive effects from recent diversity efforts, but improvements still need to be made to continue this growth of diversity.

Acknowledgement of these areas of weakness, particularly with hard numbers to support them, is key in taking the steps to amend these problems. Some of these results may be disheartening, but empowering. These reports are our call to action to push forward initiatives and changes to create a better industry for game developers around the world. Together, we can create a welcoming and supportive environment in which game developers will be able to thrive in both their careers and their lives.

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